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Make the Most Out of Your Feminine Energy! Here Are Five Pieces of Golden Advice by Successful Businesswomen!2018’s Best Career advice for women by Successful Women’s in Business

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Time flies by so fast, we never know how weeks turned into months, months passed away to make way for a new year. With the ushering of 2018, we progress further into a world where women walk shoulder to shoulder with men and succeed at everything that men can do.

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However, there are our sisters who are in the beginning phase and are in dire need of some strong advice that will help them rise in the ranks and set a precedent for feminine success in the coming decades.

Welcoming 2018 With Golden Words by Successful Career Women

With the beginning of 2018, we bring you great career advice for women by great businesswomen from various fields and backgrounds, that will help you propel yourself to the next level.


  1. April Zangl, 33, CEO OF Hydropeptide, says:

Discipline, planning and a positive attitude are the three edifices on which stands the bridge to a successful career. Discipline and hard work go hand in hand and are needed to make the necessary impact in your field. However, to keep on going, one also needs to plan to set a path where one can work on and achieve realistic goals. A positive attitude is like a fuel that is necessary for an ambitious woman to keep on going in the face of all odds.

  1. Becky Carr, 47, CEO Of Foxwoods Resort Casinos, says:

 If you want to strike a good balance between work and family, the right way is to focus on whatever thing you are doing at the moment and give your hundred percent into it. This stands especially true as a great career advice for working mothers. She goes on to say that there is no need to feel guilty about enjoying your work since you will be building a great role model for your children. Striking the right balance between work and personal life is not a rocket science if each of these is given their dedicated designated time.

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  1. Cindy Barshop, 47, Founder and Owner of Completely Bare Hi-Tech Spa, says:

 Strive to be the best of what you can be. This career advice for women aims to help them to maximize their potential in whatever field of endeavor they have chosen. She says that a working woman or an ambitious businesswoman who wants to make it big in a man’s world should also aim to be the best that she can be. Cindy believes in women’s hidden potential and that they should unleash it to make the most out of their abilities.

Dont Take Chances. Advance Your Career by Following Career Advice from Successful Women’s in Business

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  1. Ellen Alemany, 56, Chairman and CEO of RBS Citizens Financial Group, says:

 We often lose track of our taking care of ourselves in a busy work schedule. Therefore, it is equally important to find a ‘me time’ for ambitious women who are looking forward to making it big in their careers and business. Staying fit and taking care of your health should also be one of the top priorities for a woman so that she can stay focused on her work while at the same time does not burn out in the process.


  1. Heather Thomson, 42, President and Founder of Yummie Tummie, says:

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Don’t feel down because you have flaws and imperfections. Since we are humans and not machines, there is no way we can be perfect. Imperfections are a part of what makes you who you are, so do not fret over them. She goes on to say that an ambitious career woman should accept herself with her imperfections and work to remove them with patience and dedication.

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IMG-20171214-WA0006-194x300 Best Career advice for women


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